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Authorised distributors for OPTIBELT and GOODYEAR

Power Transmission Belts and Belt Drives, Goodyear and
Optibelt Distributors - Nottingham - UK

A full range of belting and associated products are available from stock, world leading products are carefully selected to provide immediate responses in breakdown situations.


Goodyear Blackhawk Pd® sets new standards
Goodyear BlackHawk PD belt is design for high performance drive where power and long life are important, its universal design means it can replace existing HTD or RPP belts without the need for pulley changes. The Blackhawk belt also allows for a reduction in pulley widths, compared to traditional HTD and RPP drives.


Optibelt REDPOWER II reduces maintenance costs

The RED POWER II Generation Wedge Belts and Kraft bands are something special as well as being something that has not been achieved in the market to date. Consequently we constantly receive positive reports from satisfied customers who are highly impressed since they switched to the Optibelt RED POWER drive belts.

• Prevention of service intervals = reduction of maintenance costs
• No more production breakdowns = optimisation of production processes
• Reduction of stoppages = increase of machine running times

Investment in Optibelt RED POWER II S=C PLUS V-Belts and Kraft band is simply a minimisation of purchasing and operational costs.




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